Lowongan Contract Analyst-PT Cigading Habeam Centre (Caputra group)

    Contract Analyst-PT Cigading Habeam Centre (Caputra group)

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    Established on 10th November 1983, our factory is located at Krakatau Industrial Estate, Cilegon.It produces welded H-Beam with variouscombinations of steel grades based on JIS,ASTM, BS, DIN,etc. We also produce welded H-Beam with various size of cross sections to reach economic and optimum design. Additionally, in order to protect steel against corrosion, we also provide shot-blasting and prime-coating facilities.Our plant is also equipped with laboratories for various kinds of H-Beam tests.
    As a result,the welded part is stronger than the steel plate, consequently monolith section can be obtained.Computerized and integrated managementsystem guarantees accuracy and speed in carrying out the functions of planning, control,data processing, administration, etc.Since its official opening by President Soeharto in November 1985, Cigading has produced more than 1 million welded H-Beams in various sizes for various uses. Our H-Beams, has been used to build high-rise buildings, offices, bridges, factories, warehouses, bearing piles, crane girders, etc.,throughout Indonesia.

    Job Description
    1. Protect both The Company's reputation and Financial Interest.
    2. Review company's contracts before its sign, analyzing all clauses, stipulations, obligations and liabities to ensure they suit the company.
    3. Responsible for looking over contracts and finding ways to cut cost for the company.
    4. Renegotiate contract's terms with the other party.
    5. Making draft the entire Company's contract and then bring it to the company's.
    1. Bachelor degree in law majoring at Business law or Civil Law.
    2. The candidate should be detail oriented.
    3. Must have excellent writing skills.
    4. Must able to express themselves effectively and accurately in writing .
    5. Must be able to manage their time efficiency.

    PT. Cigading Habeam Centre which was established on 10 November 1983, we also produce welded H - Beam with various cross-sectional sizes to achieve optimal economic design. We have a corporate culture that is dynamic, creative, and innovative as well as providing an opportunity for you to develop a career with us.

    ALAMAT : PT Cigading Habeam Centre (Caputra group)
    Jl. K.H. Hasyim Ashari, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia


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