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    Established in 1966, Kalbe has gone a long way from a humble operation that started in a garage to become the leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia.
    Growing both organically and through mergers & acquisitions, Kalbe expands its business interests and transformed itself to become a provider of an integrated healthcare solution through its 4 business divisions: the Prescription Pharmaceutical Division (25% contribution), Consumer Health Division (17% contribution), Nutritionals Division (26% contribution) and Distribution and Logistics Division (32% contribution). These business divisions manage an extensive portfolio of prescription pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs, energy drink and nutrition products, as well as a robust distribution arm serving over one million outlets across Indonesia’s vast archipelago. In the international market, the Company has established its footprint in ASEAN countries, Nigeria, and South Africa, positioning Kalbe as a national pharmaceutical company with a competitive edge in the export market.
    Since its founding, the Company has been aware of the importance of innovation to grow its business. Kalbe Farma has established a robust research and development activities in leading edge generic drug formulation and continuous development of innovative consumer and nutritional products. Through strategic alliances with international partners, Kalbe have also started to support several successful research and development venture working on cancer drugs, stem cells and biotechnology research.
    With 16,000 employees, today Kalbe Farma is the largest healthcare provider in Indonesia, with unrivalled marketing, branding, distribution, financial strength and research and development expertise. Kalbe Farma is also the largest publicly-listed pharmaceutical company in Southeast Asia, commanding a market capitalization of Rp85.8 trillion and sales turnover Rp17.4 trillion by end of 2014. 
    Kalbe realizes the importance of a Code of Ethics in the implementation of the operational activities of the Company. Therefore, the Company is currently preparing a Code of Ethics which will serve as guidelines for all Kalbe Institutions in conducting interaction and relationships with all stakeholders. In addition, the Code of Ethics is expected to avoid any deviation from established standards of behavior and to serve as guidelines in detecting violations.
    Compliance with the Code of Ethics will avoid any improper relationship with stakeholders that would be detrimental to the Company. The purpose of developing a Code of Ethics includes:
    • To describe the Company's values in terms of ethical business standards that must be obeyed by every member of Kalbe in everyday duties
    • To set in place a standard code of conduct expected of every member of Kalbe, including Commissioners, Directors and employees
    • To develop proper behavior in accordance with high ethical standards for the corporation, directors and employees; and
    • To develop good relationships with stakeholders in accordance with the principles of corporate governance and company values
    • To support the implementation of good corporate governance practices in order to achieve financial performance, social, and a healthy and sustainable environment.
    Kalbe has Panca Sradha Kalbe as its philosophical basis for application of Kalbe Ethics as follows:
    • Mutual trust is the bond between us
    • Full awareness is the basis for each of our actions
    • Innovation is the key to our success
    • Determined to be the best
    • Interconnectedness is the guideline of our life
    Kalbe’s Code of Ethics that is being developed contains aspects such as compliance with laws and regulations, avoidance of conflicts of interest, giving and receiving gifts / gratifications, engaging in political 

    Job Descriptions:
    • Design a program according to user needs
    • Identify and perform maintenance on the program if there are bugs
    • Plan and carry out training provided to users
    • Monitor the application / trial application implementation by the user
    • Bachelor degree from IT Major from reputable university with GPA min 3,00
    • Minimum 4years experience in same field
    • Excellence in iOS and Android
    • Willing to be located in all located indonesia

    Along with the growth and development of Indonesia, health has become an increasingly important factor in upgrading the welfare and building the productivity of the nation. Kalbe, as a company in the healthcare industry, keeps on innovating to give the very best to Indonesians. In its journey until today, Kalbe relentlessly innovates to contribute its best for the advancement of the health of the Indonesian people.
    Such development is in line with Kalbe’s vision to be the best Indonesian healthcare company, driven by innovation, strong brands and excellent management. This also supports Kalbe’s mission to improve health for a better life.
    With 16,000 employees, today Kalbe Farma is the largest healthcare provider in Indonesia, with unrivalled marketing, branding, distribution, financial strength and research and development expertise

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    Gedung KALBE Jl. Let. Jend Suprapto Kav 4 Jakarta 10510 - Indonesia


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