Lowongan Wordpress Developer-PT Niagamas Lestari Gemilang (Tools, Machinery and Industrial Equipment)

    Wordpress Developer-PT Niagamas Lestari Gemilang (Tools, Machinery and Industrial Equipment)

    Jakarta Barat (Jakarta Raya) | Ditayangkan: 25-June-2020 | Tutup pada 25-July-2020

    PT Niagamas Lestari Gemilang has been in the trading business since 1986. We have a highly specialized team that listens and understands Indonesia’s needs and supplies the right products.
    We focus on small machinery which is indispensable to the development and growth of Indonesia as a country moving forward. We take pride that our products are used for the foundation that Indonesia is built on. Many people trust our  brand in order to get things done right and quickly

    • Age maximum 30 years old
    • At least have 2 years of experience in the same position
    • Photoshop, AI, Gimp for creating web mockup & web's asset
    • Javascript, CSS3, HTML 5
    • Web's mockup slicing and convert to script
    • VueJS / React JS is a plus
    • Have a skill at cloning / remake web
    • Have a great skill at problem solving
    • Development front end website
    • Translating UI / UX Design wireframes into high quality code

    Our mission at NLG is to make our customers happy. We do this by supplying the perfect product for their needs while at the same time giving the best customer service for a peace of mind.
    Consistent and stable quality is the first step we do to make our existing customers satisfied with us. We have QC check whenever the goods arrive at our warehouse. We also source for the best factories that supplies suitable products for Indonesia. Many of our factories supply to top leading brands as well, a testament to their quality in light of sometimes shoddy products.
    We are serious with our after-sales service which has prompted us to make it our top priority. In today’s landscape many after-sales service is an after-though. At NLG, we have made it our number 1 focus so that our customers will continue being satisfied even when their machine breaks down. We know that our products are used for the livelihood of many people and we understand that any down-time in our products will seriously affect them. Which is why we take great care in our after-sales service
    At NLG we are always looking for talent to join our team. We give talents a supportive environment to flourish and excel.
    We believe that human resource will be the biggest differentiating factor between our competitors. This is why we only hire the top people for the job. Existing employees will be regularly appraised in order to receive honest and critical feedback in order to improve in the future. We also provide soft and hard skill training for the benefit of their career development
    We have also implemented a company bonus scheme based on our annual sales. We believe this method will foster an environment where everyone will reflect on their tasks and prioritize what needs to be done without much much guidance. We also want to foster a team-like atmosphere where we will benefit together as well as suffer together

    ALAMAT : PT Niagamas Lestari Gemilang (Tools, Machinery and Industrial Equipment)
    Jl. Mangga Besar 1, Jakarta 11180, Indonesia


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